Spotlight 5

Screen Readers

This week, the highlight is on screen readers.  This assistive technology converts on-screen text into spoken words or braille and also allows users to navigate the content. Instead of us telling you about it, we compiled a list of useful resources for screen reader users. Check them out. 


The best way to understand how screen readers work is to watch it in action. 

Have you never used a screen reader before?  This week is your chance to try one!

It’s generally advised that you test your learning content with a screen reader, and even better if you could test with someone with a lived experience of a disability who is an expert at using the software. According to Susi Miller, having an experienced tester could help avoid what she calls ”'screen reader rabbit holes” where the screen reader flags up issues caused by for example incompatibility with certain browsers but in fact, would not affect the learning experience.

Discussion questions:

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