Spotlight 12


(WCAG 2.3.1 & 2.3.2)

Let's talk about flashy content. 

WCAG criteria about flashes

There are two WCAG standards about safety and preventing people with photosensitive epilepsy from having seizures. But also people with an attention deficit disorder can benefit from limiting flashing content.

According to WCAG 2.3.1: Three Flashes or Below Threshold (Level A), you shouldn’t include any content that flashes more than three times a second unless the flashes fall below a defined threshold. However, WCAG 2.3.2: Three Flashes (Level AAA) does not allow more than three flashes a second, even if these are below the threshold.

In general, it is safer and more recommended to avoid flashes whenever possible. To comply, avoid using text and animations that create a flickering effect or using blinking effects alongside texts. And, as with animations and other effects, give people the possibility to pause, stop or hide this kind of content.


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