Who we are

We're accessibility advocates committed to helping learning content creators design inclusive and accessible learning experiences. One spotlight at a time. 

Ivett Csordas


I'm a Learning Content Manager and instructional design coach in the UK. I'm also a former teacher and I taught English as Language and Literature in British secondary schools and English as a Foreign Language in language academies around the world. 

As a teacher, accessibility, or as we call it "differentiation" is something we always try to aim for and I led educational programs for selected groups of students with special educational needs. I am therefore fairly familiar with cognitive needs in an instructor-led setting. 

However, accessibility in digital learning content is different from what I knew about differentiation. While I was keen to learn more about accessibility, I found that the majority of the resources I came across either related to accessibility in web design and/or used very technical language. Not to mention, the sheer volume of resources. I didn't know where to start, so I kept postponing diving into them.

The purpose of these spotlights is to make learning about accessibility more manageable by focusing on one topic at a time and discussing the practical applications of the guidelines. And these are aimed at learning content creators, not web designers.

The LCA Spotlights is my attempt to stop postponing learning more about accessibility and I'm hoping to pick up many practical solutions along the way.

Sabrina Pinto


I am a self-taught corporate Instructional Designer contributing to accessible digital learning one day at a time. Despite accessible design being in the forefront, applying accessibility standards can be confusing and overwhelming.  

As a part of this spotlight, I would like to share what I have learned so far to make this transition easier for anyone new to accessibility and also provide a forum to those who already work in accessibility and would like to share their experiences and best practices. 

I am excited to share, collaborate and learn from you. 

Teresa Moreno


I'm a multilingual Learning Experience Designer based in Switzerland. In my everyday work, I combine the craft of storytelling and visual narrative to design compelling and empowering learning experiences. 

Why am I a part of the LCA spotlight? Well. One day, there it was: the compliance training for a public institution that needed to meet high accessibility standards. Not that I wasn't aware, I always look to put humans at the center of my design approach. But yeah, this time, accessibility wasn't a nice-to-have. And yes, maybe like you, I felt overwhelmed and insecure about doing it right. 

So here I am. Willing to learn. Open to fail. Aiming to grow. Happy to contribute. Do you want to join us? I'm excited to make it happen together.