Spotlight 28

Content on hover

(WCAG 1.4.13)

Many of us are used to using a mouse to browse the internet or take eLearning courses. However, assistive technology users may not always use a mouse and more and more people access content from their mobile phones. In addition, some people may require screen magnification or an enlarged cursor to effectively engage with content. In these cases, the hover function can be problematic.

Accessible hover in eLearning

The hover function in eLearning is typically a tooltip or a pop-up that gives more information, but it can also be a submenu that appears upon hovering over the main menu in the navigation. 

Since activating a hover state can be difficult without a mouse, it's usually better to replace these with options that can be tapped/clicked.

If you still use pop-up content, according to WCAG 1.4.13 Content on hover or focus (AA), you need to make it:


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